Remodelling & Commissions

Each commissioned piece begins with a personal consultation. Good design is irrespective of price and we work within the guidelines of any size budget. We can recycle old materials or start with new when creating your unique ideas and bringing your vision to life. All clients are welcome to observe the melting process and experience the metamorphosis firsthand. Each piece is characterised not only by its visual appeal and aesthetic beauty but also its tactile connection with our clients.

The world around us is rich with inspiration and our sources are varied and infinite. A concept can grow from the organic forms of Mother Nature such as a seedpod, a flower or a simple pebble from the beach. Equally inspirational are the structured lines of man made architecture through out history to the modern day.

Speech Marks

Thank you so much for the lovely work you did with my ring. I’m so pleased with it!!!


The creative process is supported by over 35 years of technical skills and knowledge alongside hands on experience of all precious metals. Whether your choice is 18ct gold or Platinum, we understand the practical side of jewellery design. This enables us to guarantee a bespoke quality product tailored personally to meet all your individual requirements.

Remodelling & Commissions Remodelling & Commissions Remodelling & Commissions


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